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    April 2014

Monthly Editorial

April Showers & Easter Blessings Collage

April Showers Bring Easter Blessings

Spring is officially here and with it we think of renewal.  In April, we usually think of rain showers.  I love the rain.  It makes everything clean and fresh.  It makes things new again.  It makes me happy because the water it brings provides life.  Those first spring flowers begin to leave their winter tomb […]

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Teaching Servanthood at Home

As we approach the season of Easter, we often spend time talking and learning about Jesus’ teachings.  Many of them were revolutionary in their day and are still that way today. Servanthood is a lost art in this “me” culture. Everyone is trying to get ahead by whatever means necessary . It doesn’t matter who […]

Renee and husband, Scott

Hiking Through the Dark Silence

Winter was cold and bitter across the country, including in the (normally milder) South. With the warm breezes of March blowing in, people were filing outdoors to romp in the sun’s rays. I was among them, led by my guide, Little Joe (aka Joey), my husband, and a friend of ours named Joey. We usually […]


Homeschool Assessment Time!

It’s that time of year – Homeschool Assessment Time – and I’d like to share what we did during our homeschool assessment . . . Homeschoolers around the United States (and world) who follow the traditional school schedule are ALMOST done and ready to celebrate summer!  Depending on the laws in your state, you may […]


Blessings in Disguise

When you think of blessings, you might think of things like a new car, a trip to Hawaii or having a housekeeper (and all the moms say “Amen”!).  While those things are blessings, our biggest and most important blessings are most often little things, wrapped up in the busy-ness of life, instead of colorful paper […]

Pickled Egg Collage

When April Brings Eggs

Whether you have a tradition of coloring eggs for Easter or not, this is the season to get the eggs on sale.  Usually, right around Easter, you can find great bargains on eggs.  Or maybe you overindulged the kids and have dozen of colored hard boiled eggs to use up.  Either way, pickled eggs may […]

Green Apple on Books

Rainy Days Can Be Productive

Rainy days in April are the time of year I start planning for (or at least start thinking about) the new school year. Our calendar runs August through May so we are in the winding down phase of the school year. It’s time to look at what worked this year, what didn’t, and what we’d […]

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An Easter Poem Image

An Easter Poem

Easter and blessings go hand in hand A way to be saved, all part of God’s plan   A history that’s long and exciting for sure Sin leading to death, for which we had no cure   Slavery in Egypt, would they ever be free? Delivered by Moses, with ten plagues all would see   […]

Robin title image

Jesus is Alive: Embracing and Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ

Every year, millions of Christians celebrate the holy day known to many as Easter.  This is the celebration of the Messiah’s resurrection from the grave.   What an excellent time of year for you to revisit the meaning behind the cross and the relevance of Christ’s resurrection from the grave! “Up from the grave He arose, […]

How to Create a Spring Word Pot Photo 1

How to Create a Spring Word Pot

I love crafting with my friend Michele. She and I get together as often as we can and scour Pinterest for neat ideas. We don’t always follow instructions, but we use it as a base to  get our own creative juices flowing. Today I want to share with you how to create a beautiful centerpiece […]


A Day I Will Never Forget

If you know me very well, you will know that my all time favorite holiday is Easter. I love it more than Christmas. I love it more than Christmas for a lot of reasons. I love that the minute I wake up on Easter morning, I have a sense of being refreshed. I don’t know […]

10 Egg Inspired Recipes for Easter Breakfast

10 Egg-Inspired Recipes for Easter Breakfast

The egg often takes center stage around Easter time. From dying hard boiled eggs with the kids to deviled eggs on the Easter dinner table. Why not start celebrating early with these 10 Egg-Inspired Recipes for Easter Breakfast! Overnight French Toast With all the busyness of Easter Morning, this make-ahead French toast is the perfect […]

Renita cover image

April Showers Bring…Stir Crazy Kiddos

Spring is one of my favorite seasons (I pretty much say that about every season when it is coming up!)  The new life springing up all around us, babies being born (animal babies), the weather warming up, and the storms.  Yes, I love spring storms.  I live in Kansas and have always loved a good […]

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Homeschooling For FREE


Homeschooling For Free

I had every intention of writing an entirely different post for today.  But sometimes God has a way of whispering to your heart that you need to do something else.  Sometimes He gets so insistent that you almost feel like He has dropped a brick on your head.  That is how this post came to […]

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