Another Field Trip for Momma – Landry Academy’s Mom’s Science Retreat

Science experiments, dissections, fellowship . . . oh my! Can you say, “Science fun for mom?!” Oh yes! That is what I’m talking about! The retreat that Landry Academy has set up for moms at Laurel Ridge in Laurel Springs, NC is a rocking good time for mommas to learn more about teaching Science to their children.

When I arrived Thursday evening, I was a little nervous, since I didn’t know anyone there. However, within minutes of checking into my room, I had already met a lovely woman! At that moment I knew God was going to bless me with new friendships at this retreat. We had a lovely dinner where I met another momma, and we chatted during the entire meal. (Bless her heart I am a chatterbox when I’m nervous, so she hardly got a word in edgewise.)

After dinner, we got to meet some of the precious faculty and staff from Landry Academy. These men and woman have such a heart for God and teaching all of the subjects offered with Him at the forefront. You guys really should check out all that Landry Academy has to offer. There is so much for the whole family!

When our evening meeting time was over we were on our own to fellowship or retire to our rooms to recover from our travels. As I meandered back to my room, I was pleased as punch to find that they offered a 24/7 hot chocolate, coffee, & hot tea bar!! Oh my word, 24/7 hot chocolate!

Every morning I awoke WAY earlier than I do at home. (You know, homeschoolers have it made! We can school whenever we want, so getting up early doesn’t necessarily have to be in our schedules.) However, it seems that when I’m away from home I have a different clock, because I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for what every day had to offer!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were amazing, because there is nothing better than a hot meal that you didn’t have to prepare and having a roomful of adults to converse with! The first morning, I finished my breakfast and headed to the meeting room, because I wanted to get a picture of the view from the patio. It was breath taking! Nothing I could say would be able to describe the view. The pictures don’t even do it justice. If I could have sat on that patio all weekend and soaked in the beautiful area, I would have.

We started off playing with dry ice. Now y’all, I’ve seen people use dry ice to send something through the mail and in fog machines, but the experiments we did with this stuff were just plain fun.

We dropped the dry ice in different solutions to see what would happen. We dropped water and oil on the dry ice, took a penny and cut through the dry ice, applied the back of a spoon to the dry ice, then we dropped a piece of dry ice into a balloon to see what would happen. These things were simple enough for me to do with my kids!

We also learned how to create an accurate, to scale solar system model. Do you know it takes three quarters of a mile to create an accurate model? Seriously, and the Earth is the size of a peppercorn with Saturn being the size of a Ping-Pong ball. We built a solar system kit to take home and recreate with our kids. We made fossil molds and casts with seashells and shark’s teeth. This was a fun little project that you could include in with any nature walk!

Then the dissections began. We dissected a sheep’s eyeball, a frog, and a sheep’s uterus. I can honestly say this wasn’t my favorite part, and I am so thankful for my partner, Cyndi. She did all the dissecting, and I watched and took pictures. My kids would REALLY love dissection, so I’m seriously considering getting the kids into Landry Academy’s Science Lab Intensives. This way they can have two days full of labs with those who “stomach” it and not have momma’s dry heaving distract in any way.


Our days were filled with lots of science, and our evenings were filled with lots of fellowship! Saturday night we had a bonfire in the fire pit beside the lake, and Sunday morning before breakfast there was a praise and worship service. I was blessed with new friendships, and a freshly ignited passion for science. I am now excited about trying new experiments with the children! I would like to extend a special thank you to Greg Landry and the faculty and staff of Landry Academy for all the time and thought that went into the Mom’s Retreat! It was amazing!

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