Blast From the Past! Recording Your Family History at the Holidays

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Our families each have a unique history. By collecting and preserving those stories your children take on exciting roles: genealogist, historian, and storyteller. A Russian proverb states, “You live as long as you are remembered.” Close your eyes and think of a memory that you shared with your grandparents. Do your children know this story? […]

Homeschooling Family History: Let Me Count the Ways


Let’s face it. As a homeschool mom (or dad!) your time is worth a high price. We’re not only raising kids but we’re also educating them! Projects need to be worth it, or they just don’t fit into the schedule. That’s the reality we face especially when we’re homeschooling older or many kids. Homeschooling with […]

Postcards and Maps: Locating Your Family Stories


Researching your family history doesn’t have to be dusty and musty in a courthouse or library. It can be as fun as looking through photo albums and postcard collections! Looking for Clues Photo albums, scrapbooks, and vacation memorabilia are a great source of clues when we’re on our family history hunt. Have you ever mailed […]

To Have and To Hold: Recording Your Family’s Love Stories


Each February we are surrounded by the theme of love. Cards, candy, and parties arise to celebrate Valentine’s Day. How can you use this theme to get your kids excited about family history? Record the love stories of your family! The Society Pages Have you ever looked at historic newspapers with your kids? The society […]

Discover the Family Traditions in Your Holidays


Have you ever discussed with your children why your family holds special traditions? Unit studies about holiday traditions of countries or the meaning of holiday symbols are very popular with homeschooling families this time of year. Holiday traditions are nearly as important to us as the holiday itself. We look forward to decorating the same […]

Heritage Crafts: Sharing Family Heritage at the Holidays

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With the holidays quickly approaching, families everywhere are having the same conversations: What do we get the grandmother who has everything? How do we make holiday gifts more meaningful? Two Words: Heritage Crafts! Heritage crafts have become popular as interest in family history has grown. These crafts derive their style, meaning, or look from the […]

Homeschooling Your Family’s State History

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As homeschoolers, sometimes we have to deal with things called regulations. Some of these state regulations regarding homeschooling dictate subjects that must be taught in the school year. State history is often one of those. Consider making the subject more unique by homeschooling your family history alongside your state’s history.   Those Who Want to […]

Strengthen Those Research Skills with Family History!

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As homeschool parents, we have one big goal in common. This goal is shared by everyone of every approach, method, and lifestyle. We might attack it in different ways, but our goal is the same: Prepare our kids for anything that they want to do in life. Creating strong research skills in our kids is […]

Introducing Family History 2.0


Homeschooling is a fantastic journey. It’s fun, flexible, and provides us the freedom to include the special extras that make learning memorable. When my 15-year-old daughter was just in elementary school she loved stories. History was one big story to her because she got to learn the details of the every-day life and extraordinary feats […]

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