Got Your Passport? You’re going to need it!

Our first ever Homeschool Mosaics Giveaway is being sponsored by Landry Academy.  The Landry Academy offers Christ-centered online classes, summer camps, and so much more!  You can learn more about some of their great offerings by clicking on the links below:

But the thing we’ll be focusing on for our first giveaway is the Mission/Educational Trips to Europe!  The Landry Academy has generously offered to give away (drumroll please!) . . .


Yes, you read that correctly – a trip to Italy!  

Here are some of the details of this trip (taken directly from the Landry Academy website):

When? September 24 – October 5, 2012

Where? Pescara, Italy – on the east coast of Italy (on the Adriatic Sea) about 100 miles east of Rome

Who can go? This mission / education trip is open to Christian families, students, and parents. Students must be at least 13 years-old on September 24, 2012. Students may participate without a parent – but will need written and verbal permission from a parent and will be assigned to a specific teacher for supervision. (To participate in this trip, you should be able to do extensive walking throughout the day when necessary.)

Why short-term missions? Short term missions have the potential to shape and powerfully impact the lives of young people (and older folks) who “go”. . . and, they have the same potential to impact the lives of those you’re ministering to – the local people – for Christ.

The Colosseum

What will we do there?
We’ll spend the first day and a half in Rome touring areas of interest such as:

– The Colosseum
– The Sistine Chapel
– The Vatican Museums
– Capitol Hill
– Saint Peter’s Basilica
– The Roman Forum
– Palatine Hills
– Venice Square

Then, we’ll take a train to Pescara, a small town on the Adriatic Sea. There we will assist missionaries as they minister to local people. We’ll help with English lessons at a local elementary school (6 to 11 year-olds) and we’ll serve the local community as needed. We’ll also spend time visiting areas of interest outside of Pescara.

Our days will begin with devotional time. Much of the day will be spent serving, and there will be some free time. Meals will be a combination of home cooked and restaurant.

What will this cost me?  All expenses for the mission trip to Italy will be covered, including the flight to Italy and back
and all expenses while in Italy (meals, lodging, transportation,etc.). The winner will be responsible for meeting the group
at the airport of departure and return. (More details can be found on the website.)

So what do you think?
Does this sounds like a trip for YOU?  Or maybe for your teen?

If so, simply follow the Rafflecopter directions below to sign up to win! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Cindy Randolph says

    My husband and I have always wanted to go to Italy. What better opportunity than to spread the Good News of Jesus :)

  2. Morgen T. says

    Maybe it’s just me–but do they say what church this is associated with? I’m not interested in a “Missions trip” that would teach a doctrine I’m not fully in support of.

    • says

      Thanks for asking, Morgen! We have checked with Greg from Landry Academy, and here is his answer to your question:

      “We’re not associated with a church – we’re a Christian online school.
      There is no denominational association.”

      We hope this helps!

  3. sherry says

    I am trying to enter the Italy contest, but cannot get a response when I click “enter”.
    Any ideas? I like the idea of this site. I miss homeschool days!

    • says

      Yes, please do enter! The only requirement/responsibility of the winner is to make arrangements to get to the airport of departure (to travel with the group). While I haven’t checked with the sponsor, I’m almost certain arrangements could be made to meet up in Italy.

      • Patsy Griffiths says

        Hi Heidi,

        I’m the Patsy G #655 form above… I received your email yesterday congratulating me on the Italy trip and seriously I could not believe it. I actually had my husband check from his computer to see if he saw the same thing. This is straight from God… My son has had a strong call on him to do a missions trip this year and we didn’t think it was going to be possible. Now this, thank you.

        Do you know what our next step should be?

        • says

          We are SO excited for you, Patsy! I would say to wait and watch for an e-mail from Greg at Landry Academy. He has your email address. If you don’t hear from him in the next week, do let me know though so we can check into it for you.

          Also, I hope your son will take pictures and maybe even do an interview with us for a future column here on Homeschool Mosaics. We would LOVE to hear more about his trip! (My 18 year old daughter will be envious!)

          • Patsy Griffiths says

            Thanks Heidi,

            I sure Chris will take more pictures than we can look at and I know he would love to do an interview after.

          • says

            Awesome! We’ll make a note to get in touch with you AFTER the trip and feature him in one of our new In the Spotlight columns! How exciting!


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