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I had every intention of writing an entirely different post for today.  But sometimes God has a way of whispering to your heart that you need to do something else.  Sometimes He gets so insistent that you almost feel like He has dropped a brick on your head.  That is how this post came to be.  I am stubborn at times.  I knew this would be a ton of work to put together.  But He has the bigger plan and knows how to lead me to sources for His purposes.  I knew of several of these resources already, but when I put out the call for help, I discovered some new ones.  And they are amazing.

With the economy being what it is at the moment, I have a feeling that somewhere out there, one of God’s children is feeling a bit discouraged and feeling like they can’t homeschool if they do not have adequate funds. Perhaps there are several of His children feeling this way. But when He calls you to homeschool, He always provides a way if we have enough faith to follow His lead.

I hope that this list will bless you in your homeschooling journey.  Even if you have no funds for schooling, there is always a way.  Sometimes, we find that the very best resources are free.  One of my favorites is our local library.  In my family, we are using a language program to learn German through our library this year.  It doesn’t cost us a dime and we can do it online at home.  We love it!

This list is just a start.  If you have some that I have not listed, could you please email them to me at  I would love to include them in a future installment.  I would also love to know of any special needs resources that are free.

Please note that as of the time of the publishing of this post, all links are active and working.  Also you will find that some of these resources will work better for you than others.  That is what makes our mosaic of homeschooling so wonderful.  What works for one family, might not for another.  However, what might not work for you, will be just perfect for another. It is how God weaves his beautiful tapestry we call life and homeschooling.  It is what makes us unique and that is quite special.

Happy Homeschooling!

Whole Curriculum:
Ambleside Online
Old Fashioned Education
Puritan Homeschool Curriculum–Contains many subjects but is religious.
Lesson PathwaysFree registration required.
NCERT (from India)
Baltimore Curriculum Project
Uses Core Knowledge.
Homeschool College USA–Highschool
Easy Peasy

Whole Curriculum Guides/Schedules:
Charlotte Mason Schedules
Simply Charlotte Mason–Charlotte Mason Style Schedule and curriculum list. Lots of free resources available as well. Some items do have a charge.
Tanglewood Education–Whole curriculum ideas and lists. Reading Schedules for lower grades.
Mater Amabilis Catholic Charlotte Mason Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum and Resources:
Brightly Beaming Resources
Hubbard’s Cupboard
Rimes and Rhymes

Jan Brett’s Activities Pages
Enchanted Learning
Making Learning Fun
Classical K4
Homeschool Creations
123 Kindergarten

Phonics and Beginning Reading:
Word Mastery
Blend Phonics
Progressive Phonics
Fun Fonix
Free Reading
McGuffey’s First Reader
Teach Your Child to Read (Canadian)–Free Registration Required
Kind Conversation Alphabet Path
The Phonics Page
Homeschool Reading

Ray’s Arithmetic
CSMP Materials–Grades k-6
First Lessons in Arithmetic
MEP Math
Khan Academy–For Older kids
SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
Math Magician

Math Fact Cafe
Math U See Drills
The Math Worksheet Site
Education Unboxed
–Math tutoring lessons
Living Math History–Lesson Plans on Right side of Page
H.I.P. Pocket Change
Math Worksheets
Elementary Math Lessons
Math Moves You–Online interactive exploratory program for middle school and up.
Learn With Math Games–Games to supplement your lessons.
Math Facts Practice–Great Listing of Math Drill Sites broken down to levels
Math Trainer
Kids Numbers
Multiplication Workbooks–step by step.
Cool Math Games
Xtra Math

Literature/Reading Guides and Units:
Novel Study Guides
Reading Units by Gay Miller
Garden Of Praise
Literature Activity Guides–These are samples, but are in depth enough to test if your child understood the story.
Classical House of Learning–Uses books recommended in The Well Trained Mind.
Reading Activities and Projects
Simple Literature
Grade Saver
Dangerous Journey–Book is the retelling of Pilgrims Progress by Paul Bunyan (Christian).
The Hobbit and Screwtape Letters
Penguin Readers

Free Books:
Kids 4 Classics
Project Gutenberg
Online Library of Liberty
Google Books
The Baldwin Project
Planet ebook
Amazon Kindle
19th Century Schoolbooks
Read Print Online Books
19th Century Girl’s Series

Books Should Be Free

Light Up Your Brain
My Audio School–About 20% of the site has unblocked content for free.  The rest is available through a low annual subscription.

ZB Spelling Connections
Splashes from the River
Webster’s Spelling
Spelling City
K12 Reader Spelling Curriculum
Spelling Whiz Practice
Vocabahead–If you sign-up for the email, they will send you a new word every day.
Big IQ Kids–Basic online play is now free.
Kids Spell
Spell by Color–3rd Grade
Vocabulary .com

Harvey’s Grammar
English Banana Elementary Workbook-Individual Pages
English Banana Elementary Workbook–Complete Download

Scott Foresman
KISS Grammar
Daily Grammar
Road to Grammar
English Grammar 101
Intermediate Language Lessons Book 2
Sheldon’s Primary Language Lessons
Kind Conversation Language and Literature

Young Novelist Workbooks
WordSmithery Creative Writing Lessons
Writing Fix
Read, Write, Think
Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing Books

ZB Online
Writing Wizard
Custom Tracer Pages
Printable Paper
Cursive Via the Palmer Method
Worksheet Works
Handwriting Worksheets
Bogart Family Resource–109 page download on how to teach handwriting. Christian

Copy Work:
Simply Charlotte Mason Manuscript Copy Work
Cursive Copywork
Manuscript Copywork
Guest Hollow

Memory Work/Flash Cards:
Flash Card db
Grammar Stage Memorization
Scholastic Flash Card Maker

History and Government:
Scripted People of America History Lessons
Little City Kids
American Heritage
Mosaic Introduction to World History


Timelines and Figures:
Google Images–Type in the person or item you are looking for.
Clipart Etc–Lots of free pictures
Mosaic Introduction to Timelines
Simply Charlotte Mason Book of Centuries
GuestHollow’s Timeline Pages
University of Texas Portrait Library
Timeline Collection
Timetoast-Free registration required.
Timeglider–Free registration required.


Map Adventures
Flags and Anthems–To go with your geography study.


Mapeas–This one shows a world map of current news represented by dots. You click on the dot and it reveals the headline.
PBS Newshour Extra
Student News Net
Student News Daily
Channel One
Scholastic News Daily
CNN Student News
MS Nucleus–K-6
K-12 Science Curriculum
Fossweb–Click on the subject, then teacher resources. You will then have to click on Teacher Prep videos for the lessons. Everything else on the page supports the lessons. There are games, worksheets, and many additional resources listed.
Take a Cloud Walk
National Geographic Education
Jason Science–Free registration required.
Ellen McHenry–Includes other subjects as well.


Nature Study:








Foreign Language:
Live Mocha (This is a social site, so you may want to monitor your kids closely on this one.)
Headventure Land–Greek, Latin and Spanish practice.


Home Economics:
Spatulatta Cooking For Kids
Kids sewing Projects
Curriculum on left side




Freebie Sites:
Homeschool Helper
Homeschool Freebie of the day If you Sign-up for the weekly email, you will receive additional free resources.
Currclick They feature a free product once a week to download. It usually changes Monday afternoons.
Freely Educate
Hoagies Gifted Tons of Free high school curriculum links.
Homeschool Share
Education World
Internet Activities to coordinate with each grade and subject
a resource for the teacher or parent for ideas–more of a formal public educational support, but still some things you might find valuable to use.
Free Technology for Teachers

Jan Brett’s Free Activity Page
Education World
Internet for Classrooms
Paula’s Archives
Teachers Pay Teachers–Free Section of the site.


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  1. says

    WOW! What an excellent list and so helpful. Folks will be bookmarking/pinning this post around the world. lol
    Your hard work certainly shows. Thanks so much for compiling this list.

  2. says

    We started doing K12 at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year. We found that there was more pressure there than in public school. We didn’t have time to do anything extra or fun. I began researching things I could use online and discovered the FREE world of homeschooling. I appreciate your blog. I wish I had found this kind of stuff in the beginning but at least K12 got us home and away from the brick and mortar school. That was the biggest step. I have pinned the free stuff I have found on my Pinterest account. Here are the resources I have found I hope everyone that is searching desperately for a way to homeschool finds this blog.

  3. Nancysue says

    Thank you for putting together this list :) What an enormous amount of work to compile this together for us!!!! Know that it IS GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!

  4. says

    With four kids to homeschool on a tight budget, I too began collecting links to free resources, a collection that turned into a home educating website called Each subject has its own page with links to full curricula and learning material by subject, articles, and downloads. I continue to update frequently. I’ve also written an article with links to free curriculum just for high school subjects. You can find that here: Hope these are helpful.

  5. Kirstin says

    Awesome list. Can’t wait for some quiet time this evening to go through it with a fine tooth comb. :)
    I didn’t off the bat see BigBrains / Timez Attack in the math section which is also free. Just wanted to give that a shout out as well.

    Thank you for this blessing. I LOVE the blessing of free things.

    -Kirstin Suzanne

  6. says

    Great list!!! Thank you!!! Wish I had found something like this a few months ago :-). Bookmarking it for next year! I’m planning use the PE, art, and possibly Spanish links this year though! Thank you again! :-)

  7. Teri Hubbell says

    Thank-you for sharing!! I was lead by the Lord to home school my family also. I was so over whelmed at the idea. I went to the Lord in prayer, and in that quite moment, the impression on my mind was about others in my sphere of influence and how we could help me / each other. My family learned to barter in trade for services. There are so many good people to learn from. And we found supportive co-ops. I hope that these are helpful to others as well.

  8. says

    Thank you So much!! I posted this link in my Homeschool mom group. I have found this to be so VERY helpful! I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the time and effort you put into this post..

  9. says

    I’m the homeschool mom who runs Easy Peasy listed in the top section under Whole Curriculum. It’s different from any of the others there. It uses books from Ambelside, etc., but it’s all of the assignments: reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary. It also includes math, history, geography, science, Bible, logic, computer, art, music, health and PE. It is all of the assignments for each day, for each grade, laid out for 180 days. It uses only free materials found online and is made for your children to work as independently as you want them to. It starts with Pre-K for 4 year olds and includes a complete learning to read program. It does not have high school yet, but in about a year and a half I will be starting to add high school as my oldest will be heading there. I hope all this work blesses you.

  10. says

    Brenda, Thank you so much for your research and sharing of the free websites. Some of these will be very helpful for our family. You are awesome :)

  11. Tonya says

    Here is a great site: as you can tell by the name, they post a lot of freebies. I am new to homeschooling and I am having a very slow start, I ‘m still trying to figure out how to break everything up into a daily/ weekly lesson plans. I will be going through this list, so thanks for all the work you put into this, I am sure it will be a lot of help for newbies like me. My DD is in 1st grade and my twin boys are 3, so trying to figure out how to keep all occupied is also a challenge plus working w/ different levels.

  12. says

    WOW! Thanks so much for ALL your hard work! And I know it WAS hard work! I have already benefitted from it, and I know I will continue to benefit from it!

  13. Marissa says

    ♥♥♥ YOU ROCK! Thanks so much for compiling this! I truly think this list is great! Passing this on to so many others! ♥♥♥

  14. says

    Boy, I sure do feel this way in the area of field trips. So many wonderful places to go and usually for extremely reduced prices …. Alas even those prices times 5 of us, the price of gas, and now a most restricted budget due to salary reduction, there just absolutely is less than extra. We take our field trips virtually on the internet. And one ….. this too shall pass! Thanks for a great “right between the eyes” article!

  15. michele says

    thank you for your caring and helpful post. I have been trying to find apps, preferably free, for my 9 yr old son to use on my kindle. He is a beginning reader, the Starfall site allowed me to see what i was getting before I bought the app. I think it will be perfect ! Thank you ! I can’t wait to try out more stuff from the list.

  16. Alecia says

    I had been wanting to start a pre-k program with my son. I had been putting it off because it is all so overwhelming and then a friend shared your page on fb. I spent all last night researching and putting together my own program from these resources. Just completed my first session with my son and we both loved it. Your post was meant for many, but it seemed like it was meant especially for us. Thank you for this, otherwise I would not have gotten started.

  17. says

    This is absolutely the BEST list i have ever run across. There are so many tings here that I want to use, I hardly know what to do first. I’ve seen other lists, but this one has been the most useful to me. For one thing, there are quite a lot of things for older kids, which I’ have not had a lot of luck finding before. I am really enjoying browsing through it. Thank you for ALL the time it must have taken to compile it!

    • says


      You are more than welcome to share the link to our post and invite others to visit us here. But please do not copy the material and post it on your own blog. It would hurt both of our page rankings in google if you were to do that. Thanks for understanding! :)

  18. Marcey says

    Thank you for your compassion towards those of us who are simply experiencing financial hardship. Yet, by God’s grace, we have the courage and determination to continue with this Kingdom work. And yes, God provides through wonderful resources like this website as well as generous homeschool families who are willing to share curriculum they are not using for the current school year. We’ve also had to do yardwork for the coach so our girls could play on the soccer team; and also become the sitter for an elderly parent in exchange for my daughter’s sociology class taught by a homeschool mom. So there are many creative ways that homeschooling was made possible for us. So be encouraged, my fellow homeschoolers!

  19. Cindy says

    I am so glad that I found this. I have been trying to homeschool for free the last 3 years and have been compiling a list of everything that I find. But, your list is so comprehensive! I wish I had found it earlier, but I am very happy to have found it now. Thank you so much!!!

  20. Shari says

    You need to take Head of the Class off of your list – the site has lost it’s funding & is shutting down. there is a notice on their home page for users to run their reports & extract all data asap.

  21. says

    A great resource for computer training and transferable skills into the working world is You can get both basic computer training for programs like Microsoft Office and also very advanced training if your child is interested in computer science and actually help them get certified for different concentrations. This is great if college may not be an option at the time or you want to help you child get a head start in preparing for a career. Sometimes they have free trainings and certification deals too and offer both in-person training and online depending on what training method is best!

  22. Philisa says

    Bless you for this list. Year 2 in this journey homeschooling with the Lord and he always provide more resources daily:)

  23. Edna says

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful list and everyone’s added extra info. You hit home, Brenda, when you say.. there may be someone out there that has gotten discouraged because there isn’t money for home schooling…hello? Yes, that’s me! But you are right…if God called us to do this then He will provide. He is our Provider! I am so glad I found this list today. Thank you so much! May God continue to bless you and all you put your hands to do !

  24. Sherrie says

    Hi Brenda. I read this almost two years after God prompted you to write it. Thank you for listening to Him. I needed this sweet reminder whispered in my ears and heart today. God has provided each year we have been homeschooling (10 years). Even when money was so tight and we just couldn’t see it happening. But, we don’t walk by sight, we must walk by faith. He never fails! Have a blessed day!


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