Make Math Fun With Lapbooking


Notebooking and Lapbooking can be utilized in every subject of your homeschool journey.

We recently sat our math books aside and created some fun math lapbooks!

My youngest son just finished up his first year of ‘school’….. We focused on addition for him this year (and it included a little algebra…crazy, huh?!) You probably did, too…maybe you just did not consider searching for the _as being the same as searching for the x as being an algebraic equation for your little one.

Example: _+5=8 is the same as X+5=8 – either way, your little one is solving for the unknown….hence, algebra!

Math Lapbooking


For my little guy, we used this lapbook and created this fun way for him to review his addition all year and through the summer. He is so proud of this, he runs around with it and has to show it to Daddy at LEAST once a week!


Next year, the little guy will focus on Subtraction, so while we are taking a short break for a few weeks, we will begin working on a subtraction lapbook for him


Our middle child just finished a year of multiplication.

She created a multiplication lapbook. Now, this is great because it is helping her learn her multiplication tables without having to drill a lot. She is great at memorizing anything, but she does not enjoy drills. So, this was right up her crafty side of thinking!


Our oldest…spent the year in division. WE are not quite finished with his lapbook. The one we found for division takes lapbooking and math to a whole new level for us. As you can see, it has 12 sections and it quite in depth. So, we are taking our time with finishing it.

Lapbooking Tips

If you are new to lapbooking and the whole idea is overwhelming…here are a few tips!

  • Search for FREE lapbooks on the internet
  • Create your own look by utilizing various components from different websites
  • Do not try to do it all in one day!
  • Print your lapbook and take your time cutting everything out.
    • We do not always fill in our lapbook materials before we glue them in our books. Sometimes, we enjoy cutting and pasting and THEN filling them in
  • Keep a plastic baggy available to put your ‘cut’ pieces in
  • Use Pear Educational Products for some great, easy and affordable ways to easily create lapbooks that are easy to store in your 3-Ring Binders!
  • Remember, this is your lapbook, make it your own, don’t worry about trying to make it look like someone else’s!
  • Add some notebooking pages to your lapbook!


To add a little zing and zest to your notebooking and lapbooking, look for really good living math books. Don’t just stick with your text or work books! Living Math books are easy to find! Here are a few places that provide some fun printables and living math book ideas for your family


Have you created a math lapbook?


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  1. says

    I recently started Math lapbooking with my 1st grader and he’s getting closer to liking Math. As well as staying on task because he has ADHD.

    • says

      Oh, sounds like a little one learning to focus! Just keep with it, he’ll get there! Isn’t it great that we don’t have to push since we homeschool and can go at their speed!

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