Blast From the Past! Narnia: Prince Caspian Movie Study

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Last month, we took a look into the first book in the Narnia series, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. While this was the first Narnia book written by C.S. Lewis, it wasn’t the first book chronologically. To get a better understanding of this series, it’s helpful to look into the history of the series and C.S. Lewis himself.

To help students gain a better understanding of this time period, have them look into the lives of children in England during WWII. The BBC site has some great information about World War II at a kid-friendly level. The teacher’s resources will help you to put together as much (or as little) information as you deem necessary for your study.

Prince Caspian Book

In Prince Caspian, Lucy, Edmond, Peter, and Susan find themselves back in Narnia. Although very little time has passed in the real world, a great deal of time has gone by in Narnia. Narnia is no longer the place that they have lovingly ruled for many years. It’s become a harsh, scary land filled with treachery and deceit. The kings and queens of old find themselves fighting alongside of Prince Caspian to try to return Narnia to its once beautiful state.

After reading the book, students can take a brief quiz or complete a Prince Caspian study guide before moving on to viewing the movie. To have a better understanding of Narnia, it might help to create a timeline of Narnia. You can check out this interactive Narnia timeline to help with the timeline creation. Have fun playing the Prince Caspian game to sharpen your Narnia trivia skills.

Prince Caspian Movie

Once you have viewed the Prince Caspian movie, you can use the free educational resources from Walden media to review the movie. Have the student compare and contrast the book and the movie. You can either do this verbally or through a compare/contrast paper. (Want to read an in-depth review of Prince Caspian prior to having your students watching the movie? Head on over to plugged-in online.)

Have the student draw their favorite scene from the movie. Students can also design their own sword and shield using cardboard and duct tape.

If desired, you can wrap up the unit by watching the BBC version of Prince Caspian and/or listen to the audio version of Prince Caspian. Make a chart that shows the similarities and differences between the different versions (book, old movie, new movie).

Next month, we’ll be wrapping up the Narnia movie series by doing a movie study of Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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    We just finished reading the entire Chronicles of Narnia again. I still love the stories – more every time, I think. Sharing the stories with the boys makes them even better. They listen to the last chapters of “The Last Battle” with such rapt attention. We definitely need to watch the movies.

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