Notebooking for Geography With Paddle To The Sea

Notebooking can be fun and add so much to any subject. This year, we ventured deep into living books for most of our learning. We had some help with guides from some curriculum; but what I loved the most was the freedom for my children to take their time and truly enjoy what they were learning and capture everything . . . in their own words.

Discovering Geography and Nature with Technology

A friend of mine shared a sweet book with me called Paddle-to-the-Sea – it was one of our favorite books and we used many various methods of ‘learning’ to enhance the many different aspects of this book. While the main intention of the book is to teach you about the Geography of The Great Lakes and the Canadian and US Border surrounding it, the book is a gold mine for learning about the character trait of perseverance and some great tidbits about nature!

My son loved looking information up about the different topics we learned on our little lap top. He is my little techy kid and truly dives in when I tell him to – he can do his research on there for a day.

Notebooking with Geography

My daughter is the artist. She enjoyed the nature study side of our Notebooking adventure with Paddle To The Sea. She generally asks me to print pages that have blank areas for her to draw, doodle and color. I love that that is what pulls her in to the words she wants to use to describe what she has read and drawn. In this picture, she is studying about marshes and ponds. YES, in Paddle to the Sea, we even took a little side trip into some marshes and discovered what it would be like to experience a storm while in a marsh – it was quite an adventure!

Geography with Living Book and Technology

And of course, there was some great information about the geography of the Great Lakes and the land surrounding it. Because I do not remember learning about the area, we used our computer and maps quite frequently to identify the various towns, states, etc that were discussed.

Coloring a Map

While the notebooking portion of our lessons was phenomenal, I love the map we created. Complete with various items drawn and cut out (like Paddle, an oil barge, cabin),the states/capitals identified, and the lakes labeled….we learned a lot. I love this map and will hate to take it down for our next adventure…but, I’m sure our next adventure will be just as fun and once again, we will pull out some notebooking pages and weave the story in our own words.

Mixing notebooking with any subject is fun and a great way for your children to learn, especially when based on a living book.

What living book have you used for your notebooking recently?


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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas to go with this book. We’re going to read Tree in the Trail, Paddle to the Sea, and Minn of the Mississippi this year for our American History studies, and these ideas will be helpful.

  2. Courtney says

    Morning! I’m planning our upcoming year and we too, are using Paddle for beginning geography and are planning to map. Where did you find your map used in your photos of the Great Lakes region? Looking for a good one online and the size looks perfect! Thanks!

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